Pop goes the knee #Project544 begins

So without even knowing it #Project544 began on 22 December 2014 when I destroyed my left knee in a fall whilst skiing. I was not worried about the fall as it happened as the snow was soft and the slope steep enough that there was nothing I could do to stop it anyway. Unfortunately as I fell past the point of no return my downhill ski decided to re-engage its edge and start carving again, but uphill and against the direction of my fall.

Pop, pop, pop. Accidents really do feel like things are happening in slow motion. I heard the noises and knew that the something was going to be injured before my face hit the snow.

I tried to stand on it, of course, once the slide had stopped. But there was absolutely no chance of being able to take any weight on the left leg. I had the usual dumb “guy” thoughts of “perhaps I can ski to the gondola on one ski and that way I don’t need to call Patrol” but quickly realised that I needed professional assistance so I called patrol.

The Patrollers were great and yes I needed two. I’m 6’2″ tall and 215 lbs in ski gear so a tail rope was required to lower me down the 35º face.

The ride out was horrible but nothing they can really do to improve that, perhaps oxygen to help dull the pain a little bit, but that would be one more thing bouncing around inside the toboggan to contend with.

The Emergency Clinic was great. A lovely Doctor, medics who understand that a ski boot is a valuable piece of equipment and one does not necessarily want it cut off one’s foot. Most of all a loving wife who dropped everything to get the crutches from home (yes we have been through something similar before!) and come to the clinic to hold my hand and help me home.

As a shout out for the BC Medical System, I was in the clinic within 45 minutes, I was x-rayed within 90 minutes (a lateral tibial fracture, totally ruptured ACL and severely bruised medial femoral condyle) and braced up and on crutches within two hours. I was also booked into see the Orthopaedic surgeon the following day. So some sunshine on a, frankly, shit day! It seemed strange to be saying good bye to the ski season when it had barely started but that is the way things work out sometimes.